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Make My Move
J. Bree
Forever Mason
Heidi McLaughlin
A Song of Sin and Salvation
L.H. Blake
Broken Knight
L.J. Shen
Fiery Little Thing
Avina St. Graves
Binding 13
Chloe Walsh
Make Your Move
J. Bree
To The End
J. Bree
Victory at Prescott High
C.M. Stunich
Love Me
Ashley N. Rostek
Devils' Day Party
C.M. Stunich
Just Drop Out
J. Bree
Free Me
Ashley N. Rostek
Broken Trust
R.A. Smyth
Dylan Page
Angry God
L.J. Shen
Jennifer Hartmann
The Boy I Once Hated
C.R. Jane
Havoc at Prescott High
C.M. Stunich
Dare To Break
L. Ann
Be the Girl
K.A. Tucker
The Golden Boys
Rachel Jonas
The Words
Ashley Jade
Sheridan Anne
Whatever It Takes
Krista Ritchie
A Love Letter to Whiskey
Kandi Steiner
A Legacy of Sorrow
Mallory Fox
Broken Knight
L.J. Shen
Today Tonight Tomorrow
Rachel Lynn Solomon
Boys of Brayshaw High
Meagan Brandy
Twisted Dares
A.R. Breck
Charcoal Tears
Jane Washington
This Heart of Mine
C.C. Hunter
Dylan Page
Savage Games
Rachel Leigh
The Saint
Kelsey Clayton
Pretty Reckless
L.J. Shen
I Am Grey
Jane Washington
Ruthless Bishop
Veronica Eden
The Sinner
Kelsey Clayton
Falls Boys
Penelope Douglas
Spark of Fate
Tessa Hale
Second Chance Rival
M. Robinson
Lawless Kingdom
Natalie Bennett
Dear Love, I Hate You
Eliah Greenwood
A.K. Rose
Coralee June
Riot House
Callie Hart
The Silver Swan
Amo Jones
A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime
Monica Murphy
Wicked Liars
Laura Lee
Cracked Up to Be
Courtney Summers
The ABC's of Kissing Boys
Tina Ferraro
Ruthless Crown
Amanda Richardson
A History of Violence
Mallory Fox
The Upside of Falling
Alex Light