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Watch Me Reign
K.C. Kean
Wanna Play a Game?
Alina May
For the Fans
Nyla K.
Their Property
Crystal Ash
Vera Valentine
Demons In My Bed
Britt Andrews
Noc City
Penn Cassidy
Grace McGinty
Herculeia the Hero
C. Rochelle
Bad Alpha
Kathryn Moon
Tal Bauer
Locked Up Liars
Elle Thorpe
Deceived by the Gargoyles
Lillian Lark
Bad Girl
Sam Hall
Nephilim the Awakening
Elizabeth Blackthorne
The Kiss of Death
Auryn Hadley
Hidden Secrets
Alisha Williams
Queenie & the Krakens
Aleera Anaya Ceres
Almost Like Being in Love
Steve Kluger
Tryst in the Dark
Grace McGinty
G.N. Wright
Grace McGinty
We Are Worthy
Alisha Williams
A Torn Paige
L. Rose
Bonded by Thorns
Elizabeth Helen
All Packed Up
Lana Kole
Lavender Moon
Sarah Blue
Amy Pennza
Cassie Hargrove
The Hunt
Nichole Greene
Rise of the Witch
C. Rochelle
Game Changer
Rachel Reid
Teacher of the Year
M.A. Wardell
Pack Bound
Kate King
Blissful Masquerade
Elira Firethorn
Pucking Around
Emily Rath
All I Want for Christmas Is Them
Adora Crooks
Ruthless Crown
Amanda Richardson
Wicked Opportunity
Sian Ceinwen
Room Twenty-Two
Mila Crawford