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Project Atlantis
Brandon Ellis
In Ashes Born
Nathan Lowell
He Was Not Prepared
Michael Todd
Jean Lowe Carlson
Dragon of Ash & Stars
H. Leighton Dickson
Jean Lowe Carlson
The Hunted
Sara Ennis
The Terran Privateer
Glynn Stewart
S.E. Green
Oathbound Healer
Selkie Myth
Defender, Avenger, Champion
Robert J. Crane
King of Thieves
Evan Currie
A Single Swallow
Zhang Ling
Til Death Do Us Part
Daniel Hurst
Heirlooms and Homicide
Danielle Collins
Apprentice to the Time Gods
Clark Graham
Drive Me Wild
Julie Kriss
The Secret Family
S.L. Harker
Drake's Rift
Nate Johnson
There's a Hole in my Bucket
Royd Tolkien
Colony One Mars
Gerald M. Kilby
Rookie Privateer
Jamie McFarlane
Runaway Road
Devney Perry
When We Were Enemies
Emily Bleeker
The Forever Life
Craig Robertson
Split Second
Douglas E. Richards
Silent Victim
Caroline Mitchell
R.R. Haywood
True Places
Sonja Yoerg
Millicent Glenn's Last Wish
Tori Whitaker
Smoke & Summons
Charlie N. Holmberg
Meeting Mr. Anderson
Elle Nicoll
The House by the River
Lena Manta
If You Must Know
Jamie Beck
His Wife's Sister
A.J. Wills
The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds
Selina Siak Chin Yoke
Earth Alone
Daniel Arenson
Accidental Thief
C.J. Davis
Champions of the Dragon
Michael James Ploof
Mrs. Saint and the Defectives
Julie Lawson Timmer
Patient Zero
L.T. Ryan
The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock
Jane Riley
Sisters One, Two, Three
Nancy Star
Alexandra Moody
Take Me, Break Me
Cari Silverwood
To the Vanishing Point
Alan Dean Foster
The Other Family
Loretta Nyhan
Exes and Goals
Heather C. Myers
Ten Women
Marcela Serrano
The Passion According to Carmela
Marcos Aguinis
The Question of Red
Laksmi Pamuntjak
They All Had A Reason
Michele Leathers
The Night of the Moths
Riccardo Bruni
City People
Elizabeth Topp
The Pattern Ship
Tobias Roote