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Dawn of the Void Book One
Phil Tucker
The Inquisition
Taran Matharu
Sheer Cupidity
Raven Kennedy
Of Deeds Most Valiant
Sarah K.L. Wilson
Demons In My Bed
Britt Andrews
The Outcast
Taran Matharu
Her Soul to Take
Harley Laroux
Throne in the Dark
A.K. Caggiano
Colette Rhodes
The Novice
Taran Matharu
The Mayor of Noobtown
Ryan Rimmel
A Soul to Keep
Opal Reyne
Four Psychos
Kristy Cunning
Nephilim the Awakening
Elizabeth Blackthorne
The Kiss of Death
Auryn Hadley
The Blood of Monsters
Mia Hartson
Something Wicked
Emma Dean
Fate Hollow Academy
Lyra Winters
To Hunt a Demon King
Madeleine Eliot
Her Soul to Take
Harley Laroux
Hell's Reaper
Rune Hunt
A Glow of Stars & Dusk
Eve L. Mitchell
A Torn Paige
L. Rose
Dearly Departed
Katie May
Court of Shadows
C.N. Crawford
The Coven
Harper L. Woods
R.L. Caulder
Lord of Embers
C.N. Crawford
D.M. Page
City of Thorns
C.N. Crawford
Ania Ahlborn
Year 1, Unleashing Trials
Alexa B. James
This Deceit of Ours
Shannon R. Lir
Mariel Pomeroy
The Coven
Harper L. Woods
City of Night
Aurora Grey