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Vera Valentine
Demons In My Bed
Britt Andrews
Colette Rhodes
Herculeia the Hero
C. Rochelle
A Soul to Keep
Opal Reyne
Entranced by the Basilisks
Lillian Lark
Deceived by the Gargoyles
Lillian Lark
The Blood of Monsters
Mia Hartson
Queenie & the Krakens
Aleera Anaya Ceres
Hell's Reaper
Rune Hunt
The Sea Witch
Rebecca F. Kenney
Robert McCammon
Friends with the Monsters
Albany Walker
S.J. Sanders
The Forgotten Island
David Sodergren
Deep Sea Kiss
Zoe Ashwood
Kiss of Death
Alice Wilde
The Dragon's Bride
Katee Robert
The Shuddering
Ania Ahlborn
The Beast
Jenika Snow