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Beechwood Harbor Magic Mysteries
Danielle Garrett
Finwell Bay
Nathan Lowell
The Liar’s Crown
Abigail Owen
Caged Wolf
Caroline Peckham
The Wizard's Butler
Nathan Lowell
The Black Witch
Laurie Forest
The Crown of Oaths and Curses
J. Bree
The Serpent and the Wings of Night
Carissa Broadbent
Their Property
Crystal Ash
The Inquisition
Taran Matharu
The Lost and the Chosen
Ivy Asher
Empire of the Vampire
Jay Kristoff
Riley Thorn and the Dead Guy Next Door
Lucy Score
Sheer Cupidity
Raven Kennedy
Vera Valentine
Demons In My Bed
Britt Andrews
Devils' Day Party
C.M. Stunich
Spellbound After Midnight
Jenna Collett
Red Winter
Annette Marie
Laura Thalassa
Territory One
Kelsey Soliz
Lila Mina
The Outcast
Taran Matharu
Gypsy Blood
Kristy Cunning
Six Scorched Roses
Carissa Broadbent
Sworn to the Night
Craig Schaefer
V.E. Schwab
Can't Fix Cupid
Raven Kennedy
K. Loraine
Her Soul to Take
Harley Laroux
Defender, Avenger, Champion
Robert J. Crane
Knight Ascending
B.M. Clemton
Butter, Sugar, Magic
Jessica Rosenberg
Poison & Potato Salad
Amity Allen
Under the Earth, Over the Sky
Emily McCosh
Throne in the Dark
A.K. Caggiano
Noc City
Penn Cassidy
Taken by Fate
Shannon Mayer
Magical Midlife Madness
K.F. Breene
Through Illusions and Deceit
Stacy Jones
Wolf of the Sands
Amy Kuivalainen
Crown of Death
Keary Taylor
Next of Twin
L.A. Boruff
Spelling the Tea
Erin Johnson
Her Feral Beasts
E.P. Bali
V.E. Schwab
The House Witch 1
Keeper of Enchanted Rooms
Charlie N. Holmberg
Grace McGinty
Jaymin Eve
Colette Rhodes
Forbidden Honor
May Dawson
A Labyrinth of Fangs and Thorns
Lana Pecherczyk
Pen Pal
J.T. Geissinger
Knot a Chance
Sinclair Kelly
Bound to Fall
A.K. Caggiano
Scarlet Disaster
Colette Rhodes
The Last Beginning
Charlie Nottingham
Jaymin Eve
Eternal Reign
Caroline Peckham
Veronica Lancet
South Coast
Nathan Lowell
A Court This Cruel & Lovely
Stacia Stark
Catch Me
Reese Rivers
The Novice
Taran Matharu
A Fate of Wrath & Flame
K.A. Tucker
Herculeia the Hero
C. Rochelle
Bad Alpha
Kathryn Moon
Monster in the Moonlight
Jamie Schlosser
The Bird and the Sword
Amy Harmon
The Secrets in Shadow and Blood
Lana Pecherczyk
A Soul to Keep
Opal Reyne
Shade of a Blood Moon
D.L. Blade
Audrey Grey
Lady of Darkness
Melissa K. Roehrich
Four Psychos
Kristy Cunning
Within Obsession and Lies
Stacy Jones
Entranced by the Basilisks
Lillian Lark
Deceived by the Gargoyles
Lillian Lark
Bad Girl
Sam Hall
Nephilim the Awakening
Elizabeth Blackthorne
The Kiss of Death
Auryn Hadley
Willa Blackmore
Moonshine & Magic
Bella Falls
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Neil Gaiman
Clean Sweep
Ilona Andrews
Hidden Pictures
Jason Rekulak
Nettle & Bone
T. Kingfisher
The Blood of Monsters
Mia Hartson
Ivy Asher
An Heir Comes to Rise
C.C. Peñaranda
Something Wicked
Emma Dean
Charlie N. Holmberg
Ask for Andrea
Noelle W. Ihli
Magic, Movies, and Murder
Emily Fluke
Fast Money
Colleen Helme
The Raven Spell
Luanne G. Smith
The Change
Kirsten Miller
The 13th Witch
Mark Hayden
Fate Hollow Academy
Lyra Winters
The Book of Azrael
Amber V. Nicole
Providence Girls
Morgan Dante
To Hunt a Demon King
Madeleine Eliot
Adalyn Grace
Her Soul to Take
Harley Laroux
Queenie & the Krakens
Aleera Anaya Ceres
Emilia Hart
The Black Witch
Laurie Forest
Good Deeds
Kathryn Moon
Tryst in the Dark
Grace McGinty
Broken Princess
Alexa B. James
Daughter of No Worlds
Carissa Broadbent
Hell's Reaper
Rune Hunt
J.N. Baker
Charcoal Tears
Jane Washington
A Glow of Stars & Dusk
Eve L. Mitchell
We're All Monsters Here
Amy Marsden
Ninth House
Leigh Bardugo
Tuppeny Dreadfuls: Miss Pettigrew and the Discourteous Ghost
Lavinia Wren
Captive of the Horde King
Zoey Draven
Made from Magic
Marianne A. Scott
Literal Leigh Romance Diaries Collection One
Melanie James
The Veiled Kingdom
Holly Renee
Gilded Wings
Jaymin Eve
Promised in Fire
Jasmine Walt
Adalyn Grace
Daughters of the Lake
Wendy Webb
The Grim Reaper's Lawyer
Mea Monique
Grace McGinty
Contract Bound
Elle Mae
A Wildflower in the Wind
Megan Shade
The Veil
Ivy Brannon
The Contortionist
Kathryn Ann Kingsley
An Heir Comes to Rise
C.C. Peñaranda
C.N. Crawford
Virgo Rising
M.J. Marstens
We Are Worthy
Alisha Williams
A Torn Paige
L. Rose
Bonded by Thorns
Elizabeth Helen
A Fate of Wrath and Flame
K.A. Tucker
Dearly Departed
Katie May
Where Oceans Burn
Casey L. Bond
Feral Sins
Suzanne Wright
Friends with the Monsters
Albany Walker
Little Fire
Hollee Mands
Ghost Walk
Cassandra Gannon
Autumn of the Grimoire
J.L. Vampa
Thief of Silver and Souls
Eva Chase
The Good House
Tananarive Due
All Packed Up
Lana Kole
Hollow Heathens
Nicole Fiorina
This Vicious Grace
Emily Thiede
The Umbra King
Jamie Applegate Hunter
A Duel with the Vampire Lord
Elise Kova
Air Awakens
Elise Kova
Blood Mercy
Vela Roth
A Tempest of Shadows
Jane Washington
Lord of the Fading Lands
C.L. Wilson
Shadow and Bone
Leigh Bardugo
The Lord of Stariel
A.J. Lancaster
The Song of the Marked
S.M. Gaither
Bound & Barbed
Samantha R. Goode
The Marionettes
Katie Wismer
Shadow and Bone
Leigh Bardugo
Spark of Fate
Tessa Hale
The Marionettes
Katie Wismer
A.G. Howard
Wicked Ugly Bad
Cassandra Gannon
Night Will Find You
Julia Heaberlin
The Immortal City
Amy Kuivalainen
Werewolves Like Pink Too
D.N. Hoxa
A Dead and Stormy Night
Steffanie Holmes
Heart of Night and Fire
Nisha J. Tuli
P.C. Cast
Filthy Rich Vampire
Geneva Lee
Amy Pennza
A.G. Howard
Wild Is the Witch
Rachel Griffin
Divine Blood
Beck Michaels
Filthy Rich Vampire
Geneva Lee
Shadow and Bone
Leigh Bardugo
Her Alien Prince
Presley Hall
Laura Thalassa
Fever Fae
Meg Xuemei X
Saved Warriors
Aurora Welkin
Origins of an Academy Bully
Caroline Peckham
Court of Shadows
C.N. Crawford
Rule of the Aurora King
Nisha J. Tuli
S.J. Sanders
The Awakening
Caroline Peckham
The Fae King's Curse
Jamie Schlosser
Burned by Magic
Jasmine Walt
Grave Mercy
Robin LaFevers
Gail Carriger
The Unmarked Witch
Miranda Lyn
The Origin's Daughter
Alexandra St Pierre
The Coven
Harper L. Woods
The Vine Witch
Luanne G. Smith
R.L. Caulder
Olivia Wildenstein
Lord of Embers
C.N. Crawford
Jess Kidd
Laura Thalassa
Poisoned in Provence
Cat Green
The Watchers
A.M. Shine
Accidental Thief
C.J. Davis
Katerina Martinez
Curse of Shadows and Thorns
L.J. Andrews
Laura Thalassa
Commanding Flame and Shield
S.J. Barnett
The Liar's Crown
Abigail Owen
This is Not a Test
Courtney Summers
Malice House
Megan Shepherd
A Prince So Cruel
Ingrid Seymour
Deep Sea Kiss
Zoe Ashwood
Her Vampire Mentors
J.R. Thorn
Was I Ever Here
Naomi Loud
Wolf Gone Wild
Juliette Cross
Wings of Ice
G. Bailey
A Ruin of Roses
K.F. Breene
Lilian T. James
Patient Zero
L.T. Ryan
Rise of the Witch
C. Rochelle
Blood Orange
Karina Halle
Queen Takes Knights
Joely Sue Burkhart
A Ship of Bones & Teeth
Karina Halle
Mishell Baker
The Cursed And The Broken
Chloe Hodge
Trial of the Sun Queen
Nisha J. Tuli
Bone White
Ronald Malfi
The Immortal Circus
A.R. Kahler
Wicked Alphas
Liliana Carlisle
Bedlam Academy
Kathy Haan
Fate of a Royal
Meagan Brandy
Malice House
Megan Shepherd
The Lunatics
Navessa Allen
Kiss of Death
Alice Wilde
Psycho Shifters
Jasmine Mas
John Lees
Maggie Tokuda-Hall
Wolves of Summer
Eva Chase
Bride of the Shadow King
Sylvia Mercedes
Trial of the Sun Queen
Nisha J. Tuli
D.M. Page
Invoking the Blood
Kalista Neith
Pack Bound
Kate King
Lisa McMann
City of Thorns
C.N. Crawford
A Kingdom of Stars and Shadows
Holly Renee
The Divine and the Cursed
J.E. Reed
Ania Ahlborn
City of Gods and Monsters
Kayla Edwards
Cold Hearted
Heather Guerre
Her Villains
Jade Presley
A Legend of Golden Shadows
Victoria Vredevoogd
Kiss of the Blood Prince
Alessa Thorn
Year 1, Unleashing Trials
Alexa B. James
Tracy Wolff
The Red
Tiffany Reisz
Hungry Like a Wolf
Jessica Lynch
Almost Surely Dead
Amina Akhtar
A Word so Fitly Spoken
T.A. Lawrence
Bound in Crimson
J.A. Carter
Fire Heart
Emma Hamm
This Deceit of Ours
Shannon R. Lir
The Dragon's Bride
Katee Robert
King of Battle and Blood
Scarlett St. Clair
Six Rooms
Gemma Amor
Don't Turn Around
Caroline Mitchell
Ice Planet Barbarians
Ruby Dixon
River of Shadows
Karina Halle
Colleen Hoover
Mariel Pomeroy
The Coven
Harper L. Woods
Viciously Yours
Jamie Applegate Hunter
A Kingdom of Flame and Fury
Whitney Dean
Carly Spade
Vampires Never Get Old
Zoraida Córdova
Court of Dragons
Frost Kay
What Lies Beyond the Veil
Harper L. Woods
Malice House
Megan Shepherd
King of Flesh and Bone
Liv Zander
The Witches of Moonshyne Manor
Bianca Marais
Skeleton King
Charity B.
No Man Can Tame
Miranda Honfleur
The Never King
Nikki St. Crowe
The Unseelie Prince
Kathryn Ann Kingsley
Promised in Fire
Jasmine Walt
The Séance
John Harwood
Kiss the Fae
Natalia Jaster
Book of Night
Holly Black
Black Sunshine
Karina Halle
S. Jae-Jones
Elayna R. Gallea
The Chill
Scott Carson
Book of Night
Holly Black
The Last Storm
J.D. Linton
The Mage's Match
Finley Fenn
Episode Thirteen
Craig DiLouie
D.L. Blade
Ruin and Roses
Deanna Ortega
Forget Me Not
Karissa Kinword
The Vampire Curse
J.R. Thorn
Torri Heat
The Apparitionists
Peter Manseau
Legend of the Huntress
K. Godin
Ruthless Villains
Marion Blackwood
The Orphan Witch
Paige Crutcher
Small Town, Big Magic
Hazel Beck
The Beast
Jenika Snow
Vera Valentine