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Caged Wolf
Caroline Peckham
The Lost and the Chosen
Ivy Asher
Magical Midlife Madness
K.F. Breene
Taken by Fate
Shannon Mayer
Magical Midlife Madness
K.F. Breene
Her Feral Beasts
E.P. Bali
Fae Heir
Lucia Ashta
Gilded Wings
Jaymin Eve
Kingdom of Blood and Salt
Alexis Calder
Legacy of Shadows
Tessa Hale
Alethea Faust
A Ruin of Roses
K.F. Breene
The Lunatics
Navessa Allen
Wild Blood
Naomi Lucas
A Warrior's Fate
Melissa Kieran
A Pack of Blood and Lies
Olivia Wildenstein
Bears Behaving Badly
MaryJanice Davidson